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Insert title. [May. 20th, 2016|11:18 pm]
quiet dark headed boy
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]

Hey. NBC: Thanks for canceling the one thing my teacher and I finally found to bond over. Stop canceling the very few shows you don't consider to be "good enough." Game of Silence is fucking awesome. So fuck you. (And Revolution was so goddamn fucking amazing. Fuck you.) Fuck you again. This goes for every network and every canceled show I've ever loved. Every fucking show I love gets canceled. I could list those for fucking days. Fuck.

Hey. Everybody I keep emailing: Stop telling me you “don’t allow paranormal investigations.” I know for a fact that every single one of you have certainly allowed them in the past (some of you even do them every year in October ((Btw, there is no "haunted season." They're either fucking in your building, or they aren't. They don't give a fuck what holiday it is.)), which is the reason I’m getting ahold of you in the first place. So don’t lie to me and tell me, “No thanks” when I ask, “Is there a possibility of scheduling something?” “No thanks,” isn’t even a legitimate answer to my question. Can I come visit your business? I really enjoyed it last time I was there for other reasons. “No thanks.” Good. I hope you’re haunted forever.

Hey. BJ: I've been trying to get you for two fucken weeks. Hook me up, man. I am neurotic and awake and my fingernails can't take anymore chewing. Do you want your cash? Cos I sure do want your drugs. I really, really want them. ....Please? I will drive over to anywhere in Kansas to get them.

Hey, Gma, I love you, but please stop saying everything is porn. Just because it wouldn't have been allowed on tv back in your day, doesn't mean it's porn. A Kardashian's ass (excuse me, I have to vomit from typing those words) or tame love scenes on network television aren't porns. King of the Hill and Breaking Bad don't have porn in them. We need to work on expanding your new-age vocabulary. Thank you for the strawberry shortcake, I love you <3.

Hey. Teacher lady: I will turn in my tests when I'm good and ready. And I don't want to install Windows on my fucking Mac to run your damn course software. FTFY. Fuck That & Fuck You. (Well, not you, really, just school in general and your questionable teaching abilities.)

There’s not even a point to this. I’m just fucken annoyed and I can't sleep and not even that cat is awake to kvetch to.